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We at Eminence Interiors LLC / FZC offer “An integrated, Customized, Creative while Operational, fit for purpose, Reliable, Trustworthy, One-stop-shop (from concept to commissioning) interiors solutions”, for various Industries irrespective of their sizes, specific needs, desires, demands and constraints. Eminence Interiors LLC / FZC has headquarters based in the UAE with an ability to deliver projects globally.

Mr. Kishor Lingawar is the inspiration and driving force behind the company. We are a company conceived and established after 3 decades of hard work, mature and rich Industry experience in overall Project Management (Conceptualizing, planning, designing, QA/QC, Safety, Construction, testing, commissioning etc.) of various Industry projects with much wider scope and scale; where interiors used to be an important part of the overall scope…

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